The Benefits of Playing Free Slots

Many online casinos offer free slots as a way to get you in the door, and then once you are registered, they hope that you will continue to play for the long haul. While playing free slots can be fun, what everyone wants is to get their hands on the real cash. Here are some of the ways that playing the free slots can prepare your for winning the bigger cash jackpots.

One of the promotional offers many online casinos make in order to get people in the door is to offer them the free slots in the hopes they will stay and play for real money in time. To take advantage of this opportunity, get to know the mechanics behind these free games. They tend to have very complicated bonus features that can be rewarding if you understand how to take advantage of them. If you are given the choice of free spins or a higher win percentage, playing free slots allows you to see which pays better over time.

Once you are ready to move up from the free slots, don't simply start looking for similar slots just because you were winning big at the free slots. The key is to slow down and look for the highest paying slots, whichever games they may be. To do this, all you need to do is open each slot and read the pay table. This are where you will find if that slot machine pays a few hundred or a few thousand for a top prize. The higher the money, the longer you can stay in the game and hopefully be playing when a huge jackpot is won.

Once your time playing the free slots is up, start looking for games that pay more, not ones with the fanciest graphics or animation.